Keep your fighting body cool

Quickly absorbs and diffuses sweat to keep you dry.
Proprietary polypropylene raised structure,
Retains heat without escaping body heat.



Realize "sweat cooling control" and "body temperature keeping" in one piece

Adopts a unique polypropylene brushed structure on the skin surface. ZERO FIT's unique warp-knit construction clings to the body without gaps and absorbs sweat without interrupting capillary action. Suppress cold sweat. The sleeves and body part also have a seamless integrated structure, making it easier to move and warmer.

Unique brushed structure

Adopts a new technology that raises Thermoweave's unique polypropylene on the skin surface. It forms an insulating layer of air and effectively retains body heat.

Keep dry

Insufficient sweat processing or cold air entering the gap between the body and the wear will quickly cool the sweat and steal your body temperature. The thermal conductivity of water is about 25 times that of air. In other words, it cools 25 times faster in wet conditions than in dry conditions. Thermoweave stretches up to 500%, so it touches the skin without any gaps no matter how you move. Keeps sweat out of the garment without interrupting capillary action, keeping you dry and comfortable. Efficiently suppresses cold sweat.

warm and not cool

It is said that the human body normally consumes about 80% of its energy to maintain body temperature, and energy consumption increases even more when the body is cooled. ZERO FIT is a warp-knitted fabric with a large height difference made by twisting fine fibers. Many air layers (death air zones) are formed between the fibers and in the large uneven structure to retain heat. Reduce unnecessary energy consumption.

Tights with optimal compression for each part

Optimal compression design for each part. Reduce fatigue by suppressing excessive blurring of muscles. The support line that allows you to bend and straighten your legs more easily provides effective power and balance improvement for all sports.

UV cut

Ultraviolet rays that cause skin troubles, lower immunity, and even fatigue. For underwear worn as a countermeasure against UV rays, it is necessary to pay attention to all aspects of the condition. Zero Fit has cleared the highest standard of UPF50+ for UV protection.

Antibacterial deodorant "Polygiene®"

"Polygiene®" from Sweden. In fact, the cause of odor is not the sweat itself, but the bacteria that breed in the fibers that contain sweat. "Polygiene®" completely suppresses this occurrence with a unique technology that utilizes silver ions. The feature is that the effect lasts even after washing, and it has excellent antibacterial and deodorizing functions.

Learn more about Polygiene

Zero fit is a warp knitting

With our unique knitting technology, instead of splicing fabrics together, fibers are knitted into a complex shape and integrated seamlessly. Realizes a seamless and functional design that does not stress the skin or movement.

Learn more about warp knitting


New model in pursuit of better comfort. In addition to mock necks and crew necks, we also offer running-only models (crews). The running model adopts a thumb hole shape with a hole in the thumb part and a watch hole for wristwatch devices.

mock neck

Mock Neck

Color: Black, Gray Size: SM, ML, XL (unisex size)
Price: 9240 yen (tax included)

Crew neck

Crew Neck

Color: Black, Gray Size: SM, ML, XL (unisex size)
Price: 9240 yen (tax included)

running model

Running Model

Color: Black Size: SM/ML (unisex size)
Price: 9900 yen (tax included)

long tights


Color: Black Size: SM, ML, XL (unisex size)
Price: 9900 yen (tax included)

Size chart (cm) SM ML XL





chest circumference








This product is made in Japan from yarn to dyeing, knitting, and sewing.