Control the rain and turn your sweat into strength.

Total sales of the series have exceeded 1.15 million copies!
It has strong grip when dry, and when it absorbs moisture it provides even more friction.
Allows for powerful swings even in harsh conditions such as rain or sweat.


A feeling of fitting close to bare hands

While typical gloves are 0.45 to 0.5 mm thick, Inspiral gloves use a unique ultra-thin fabric that is only 0.4 mm thick and has excellent abrasion resistance and tear strength.

It fits just like bare hands and has a soft feel against the skin, keeping you comfortable and sweat-free.

Strong grip

By using a unique fabric with brushed front and back surfaces, the humidity inside the glove is controlled and moisture from sweat, rain, etc. is converted into grip.

It maintains a high level of grip not only when dry, but also in wet conditions such as rain or sweat.

Pursuit of a good fit on the instep

The buckle has been made thinner and is now made of a softer material than the current model.

The buckle design has also been redesigned to fit the back of the hand better, enhancing the sense of unity between the glove and the hand to the maximum extent possible.

Smartphones can also be used

You can also operate touch panels such as your smartphone or score panels.

Please note that if you have a protective sticker such as tempered glass on your smartphone, it may not work.

*Only available on the internet

Antibacterial and deodorizing treatment

It inhibits 99% of bacteria within 2 hours, and the effect lasts for a long time.