Zero seamer (leggings for women)
Zero seamer (leggings for women)
Zero seamer (leggings for women)
Zero seamer (leggings for women)
Zero seamer (leggings for women)
Zero seamer (leggings for women)
Zero seamer (leggings for women)
Zero seamer (leggings for women)
Zero seamer (leggings for women)


Zero seamer (leggings for women)

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Zero Seamer

No seams or glue whatsoever. Seamless leggings made possible by warp knitting.
It feels like second skin and naturally lifts your hips.

Women's size guide (cm) Free size
height 150-165
Hip 85-98
  • Material: 77% nylon, 18% polypropylene, 5% polyurethane
  • made in Japan
  • Sizes are approximate due to stretch. For women.

The appearance changes so much!

Left: No tights, Right: Wearing zero seamers.
Tightens and slims down any noticeable excess fat.
Lift your sagging hips and make them pointy!
Eliminate uneven body lines!

Left: wearing regular tights, Right: wearing zero seamers.
Compared to regular tights with a sewn waistband,
You can see that the meat on top is gone.

Warp knitting seamless

With its unique warp knitting structure, instead of joining together pieces of fabric, the fibers are knitted into a complex shape and integrated seamlessly. Furthermore, the waist and hem are left unfinished, so there is no stress on the skin or on movement.

Hip Up

The unique X-support line is positioned to lift the buttocks. The support is enveloping without constriction, giving a natural buttock lifting effect.

500% stretch

With up to 500% elasticity, it reduces tightness and pressure. No matter how much you move, it holds your body in place without stress and supports your performance.

Keeps skin dry

Mesh construction at the base of the legs and bottom keeps you dry. It quickly absorbs sweat and moisture and releases it outside the garment, leaving no unpleasant sweat behind.

UV protection UPF50+

UV rays cause skin troubles, weaken the immune system, and even make you feel tired. When choosing underwear to protect against UV rays, you need to take into consideration all aspects of your condition. Zero Fit meets the highest UV protection standard of UPF50+.

Antibacterial and deodorant "Polygiene"

Polygiene? was born in Sweden. In fact, the cause of odor is not sweat itself, but bacteria that grows on sweat-containing fabrics. Polygiene? thoroughly suppresses this occurrence with its unique technology that utilizes silver ions. It is characterized by its long-lasting effect even after washing, and has excellent antibacterial and deodorizing properties.

"Warp knitting"

The unique warp knit structure exceeds the limits of functional undergarments.
Instead of stitching together pieces of fabric, the garment is seamlessly integrated into one piece.
Functional design that is stress-free on the skin and in movement.
With elasticity of up to 500%,
It fits perfectly no matter how much you move.

Optimal support for each part

The biggest feature of warp knitting is that different knitting structures can be seamlessly integrated. The chest area has a high elasticity, reducing the feeling of pressure that is typical of compression wear. In addition, the shoulder area has a high elasticity, allowing for smooth arm movement.

Body temperature control

The unique warp knit structure optimally regulates body temperature in all seasons. In summer, it quickly evaporates sweat and is breathable, while in winter, it prevents sweat from cooling down and creates an insulating layer of air to prevent body temperature from dropping.

Keeps skin dry

With up to 500% elasticity, it fits your body without stress, no matter how you move. The capillary action is uninterrupted and sweat is continuously pumped out of the garment, keeping you dry. Even if you sweat, you won't feel sticky or tight.

タイプ Women's leggings
カラー Black / Natural Beige / Navy
サイズ free size
素材 77% nylon / 18% polypropylene / 5% polyurethane
原産国 made in Japan


size free
height 150-165
Hip 85-98
For women. Sizes are approximate due to stretch.
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