[Quick warming] Wool long sleeve
[Quick warming] Wool long sleeve
[Quick warming] Wool long sleeve
[Quick warming] Wool long sleeve
[Quick warming] Wool long sleeve
[Quick warming] Wool long sleeve
[Quick warming] Wool long sleeve
[Quick warming] Wool long sleeve
[Quick warming] Wool long sleeve
[Quick warming] Wool long sleeve
[Quick warming] Wool long sleeve


[Quick warming] Wool long sleeve

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[Quick warming] Wool long sleeve

The unique fiber made from merino wool, which has high moisture absorption and heat retention properties, provides warmth beyond that of a coat.
It also has antibacterial, deodorant and moisture regulating properties. It is the pinnacle of underwear that can fully cope with the harsh conditions of the mountains. It is also recommended for autumn and winter camping, outdoor sports, biking, and everyday cold weather wear.

  • ■Material
    75% wool, 17% acrylic, 7% polyester, 1% polyurethane
  • ■Made in Japan
  • ■Maintenance
    - Be careful of surface friction and snagging.
    ・Please wash by hand in water below 40℃.
    -Please avoid using a dryer.
    - Avoid bleaching with chlorine bleach.
    -After washing, drain and immediately hang to dry in the shade.

The best underwear made with merino wool

SOKUDAN WOOL (quick-warming wool) is a fleece-lined underwear designed for winter mountain climbing, hiking and camping. The unique fiber blended with merino wool provides warmth beyond that of a coat and prevents sweat chills. Merino sheep, who live in harsh highlands, have natural protection. In extreme heat, the fine wool keeps the sheep's body temperature at an appropriate level, and in winter, the thick layer of wool protects the sheep's body from the freezing cold. Merino's environmental adaptability has been directly incorporated into underwear.


Merino has the ability to generate heat when it absorbs sweat and water vapor, helping you stay comfortable even in harsh winter conditions.


Merino absorbs water vapour produced by the body and releases it into the air, where it wicks up and evaporates, keeping your skin dry.


Merino wool has a natural immune system that keeps the causes of odor at bay, providing excellent antibacterial and deodorizing properties.


Merino wool is a material that is difficult to wash, but by combining it with our unique synthetic fibers, it is resistant to washing and can always be worn cleanly. Please wash by hand or in a washing machine using a laundry net. Never use chlorine bleach.

カラー Black/Brown
サイズ S / M / L / XL
素材 75% wool / 17% acrylic / 7% polyester / 1% polyurethane
原産国 made in Japan
洗濯 Be careful of surface friction and snagging. Wash at a temperature of 40°C or lower. When using a washing machine, place in a laundry net. Do not use a dryer. Do not bleach with chlorine bleach. After washing, spin-dry and hang to dry in the shade immediately.


size S M L XL
height 150-160 160-170 168-175 175-183
Chest 70-80 80-90 90-100 100-110
Waist 67-76 76-84 84-94 94-104
*Unisex size. Size is for reference only as it is stretchy.
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