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ice weave

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Dry cooling with cooling sensation material and vaporization heat effect.

A strong ally of summer sports that sweats a lot. The special cooling material maximizes the contact area with the skin, and you can feel the cold evenly from the moment you touch it. In addition, the wear closely adheres to the body without any gaps, so it quickly absorbs and spreads sweat. The double effect of cooling material and vaporization heat keeps the body dry and cool.
Polygiene processed (deodorant, antibacterial) / UV shielding rate 96.8%

Unisex (cm) SM ML XL
height 150-170 165-180 170-190
chest circumference 72-96 80-104 90-120
West 58-84 68-94 81-107
  • Material: 93% nylon, 7% polyurethane
  • made in Japan
  • Because it is elastic, it is a reference size. unisex.

Cool touch

Cool touch

Uses a cloud-shaped cross-section cooling sensation material that has a large contact area with the skin. From the moment you touch it, you will feel a pleasant coolness. In addition, the sweat-absorbing and quick-drying properties of warp knitting evaporate sweat quickly. Cools the body through vaporization heat effect. The W cooling function keeps you dry and cool.

So comfortable you'll forget you're wearing it

So comfortable you'll forget you're wearing it

The maximum stretch rate of 4-500% eliminates the feeling of tightness and pressure. In the case of general high-performance underwear, the stretch rate is set to about 150-200%, and the seams will feel stretchy. ICE WEAVE is set to a maximum stretch rate of 500%, and the body part is made with no seams (warp knitting structure). It is comfortable to wear and does not compromise performance accuracy.



ZERO FIT's unique warp knitted mesh structure is excellent at wicking away sweat and does not leave unpleasant sweat on the body. It fits the body without the stress of tightening and is comfortable even when worn for a long time.

Keep dry

Keep dry

By applying a process that promotes water absorption, the brushed fabric allows moisture to pass through and prevents sweat from accumulating between the fabric and the skin. Eliminates unpleasant stickiness caused by sweat, allowing you to enjoy sports comfortably.

UV protection

UV protection

Ultraviolet rays that cause skin troubles, lower immunity, and even fatigue. For underwear worn as a countermeasure against UV rays, it is necessary to pay attention to all aspects of the condition. Zero Fit has cleared the highest standard of UPF50+ for UV protection.

Even those who are not good at wearing pressure are OK

Smooth compression realized by a seamless warp-knit structure on the body. It exerts an optimal compression effect that does not loosen or tighten, suppresses excess vibration of muscles, prevents muscle damage, and reduces fatigue.

Antibacterial deodorant "Polygiene®"

"Polygiene®" from Sweden. In fact, the cause of odor is not the sweat itself, but the bacteria that breed in the fibers that contain sweat. "Polygiene®" completely suppresses this occurrence with a unique technology that utilizes silver ions. The feature is that the effect lasts even after washing, and it has excellent antibacterial and deodorizing functions.

"Warp Knitting (Tateami)"

The original warp knitting structure exceeds the limit of functionality under.
Integrated without sewing, instead of joining fabrics together.
Functional design with no stress on the skin and movement.
With up to 500% elasticity,
Perfect fit no matter how you move.

Optimal support for each part

The greatest feature of warp knitting (tateami) is that different knitting structures can be seamlessly integrated. Increased elasticity of the chest area to reduce the feeling of pressure peculiar to compression wear. In addition, by increasing the elasticity around the shoulders, the movement of the arms is smooth.

body temperature control

The unique warp-knit structure adjusts body temperature optimally for all seasons. In the summer, it quickly wicks away sweat and is breathable, while in the winter, it keeps sweat from getting cold, and the air insulation layer prevents your body temperature from dropping.

Keep dry

With up to 500% elasticity, it fits your body without stress during any movement. Keeps sweat out of the garment without interrupting capillary action, keeping you dry and comfortable. Even if you sweat, you won't feel sticky or tight.

タイプ 冷感タイツ
カラー ブラック
サイズ SM / ML / XL
素材 ナイロン:93% / ポリウレタン:7%
原産国 日本


サイズ/cm SM ML XL
身長/cm 150-170 165-180 170-190
胸囲/cm 72-96 80-104 90-120
ウェスト/cm 58-84 68-94 81-107
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