HEATRUB neck warmer
HEATRUB neck warmer
HEATRUB neck warmer
HEATRUB neck warmer
HEATRUB neck warmer
HEATRUB neck warmer
HEATRUB neck warmer


HEATRUB neck warmer

Sale price¥4,400
SKU: 4540036830661
Color:Black x Black (WEB-exclusive color)
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Warm from the moment you put it on. Double-layer construction for extra warmth around the neck

"It's warm from the moment you put it on." The two-layer structure uses Heat Love as the inner layer and windproof material as the outer layer to keep your neck warm. An adjuster is attached to the top to further prevent cold air from entering and strengthen the windproof function.

Unisex (cm) Free size
  • Material: [Outside] 100% polyester [Inside] 38% acrylic, 25% acrylic, 18% nylon, 12% cupra, 5% wool, 2% polyurethane
  • made in Japan

Just the warmth of a coat.

"Heat Love" is a next-generation smart undergarment with high heat generation and heat retention properties that is twice as warm as a sweater and as warm as a coat. *The thermal insulation value of clothing that can maintain an average skin temperature of 33°C is 1 clo, which indicates the thermal resistance of clothing. Example) Sweater (100% wool): 0.32 / Winter coat: 0.74 (according to our research)

? Heat consumption Heat retention rate Specific clo value
Heat Love 5.1 55.90% 0.7
Normal brushed 5.3 54.60% 0.67
freeze 5.9 49.70% 0.55
Cotton pile 7.7 34.00% 0.29

Frictional Heat

The long-pile brushed fabric (our unique "double-loop barrel brushed" fabric) generates heat with friction every time you move. The large air layer traps heat, keeping the temperature inside the garment higher.

Moisture absorption and heat generation

The outer layer is made of the moisture-wicking, heat-generating material "ThermoGear." It has excellent moisture-regulating properties, releases excess moisture, and keeps you cool and comfortable without getting stuffy.

Insulation and heat retention

It blocks heat transfer between body heat and outside air, and keeps the temperature inside the garment constant by trapping a large amount of air inside.

タイプ neck warmer
カラー black
サイズ free size
素材 [Outside] 100% polyester / [Inside] 38% acrylic / 25% acrylic-based / 18% nylon / 12% cupra / 5% wool, 2% polyurethane
原産国 made in Japan
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