dry weave boxer tights
dry weave boxer tights
dry weave boxer tights
dry weave boxer tights
dry weave boxer tights
dry weave boxer tights
dry weave boxer tights
dry weave boxer tights


dry weave boxer tights

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The best base layer.

With up to 500% elasticity, it fits comfortably to your body even when worn for long periods of time. It supports your performance with a compression effect that does not feel tight or oppressive. With excellent breathability and capillary action, it is sweat-wicking and quick-drying, dissipating sweat and moisture, keeping your body dry, cool and comfortable at all times.

Unisex (cm) S.M. ML
height 150-170 165-180
Chest 72-96 80-104
West 58-84 68-94
  • Material: 50% nylon, 45% polypropylene, 5% polyurethane
  • made in Japan
  • Size is for reference only, as it is stretchy. Unisex.


The mesh structure is optimized for each part of the body to provide a drying effect. It quickly absorbs sweat and moisture and dissipates it to the outside of the garment, keeping you dry.

500% stretch

With up to 500% elasticity, it reduces tightness and pressure. No matter how much you move, it holds your body in place without stress and supports your performance.

Cool and comfortable

With its excellent elasticity, it always absorbs sweat without any gaps and dries quickly, providing a high evaporative cooling effect and making it cool and comfortable to wear.

Antibacterial and deodorant "Polygiene"

Polygiene® was born in Sweden. In fact, the cause of odor is not sweat itself, but bacteria that grows on sweat-containing fabrics. Polygiene® thoroughly suppresses this occurrence with its unique technology that utilizes silver ions. It is characterized by its excellent antibacterial and deodorizing properties, and its effectiveness lasts even after washing.

"Warp knitting"

The unique warp knit structure exceeds the limits of functional undergarments.
Instead of stitching together pieces of fabric, the garment is seamlessly integrated into one piece.
Functional design that is stress-free on the skin and in movement.
With elasticity of up to 500%,
It fits perfectly no matter how much you move.

Optimal support for each part

The biggest feature of warp knitting is that different knitting structures can be seamlessly integrated. The chest area has a high elasticity, reducing the feeling of pressure that is typical of compression wear. In addition, the shoulder area has a high elasticity, allowing for smooth arm movement.

Body temperature control

The unique warp knit structure optimally regulates body temperature in all seasons. In summer, it quickly evaporates sweat and is breathable, while in winter, it prevents sweat from cooling down and creates an insulating layer of air to prevent body temperature from dropping.

Keeps skin dry

With up to 500% elasticity, it fits your body without stress, no matter how you move. The capillary action is uninterrupted and sweat is continuously pumped out of the garment, keeping you dry. Even if you sweat, you won't feel sticky or tight.

Reviews from athletes who wear them

I sweat a lot, so the T-shirt and bike jersey I was wearing on top got soaked and wet that sweat was dripping off, but the inside felt drier than it looked and wasn't sticky, so I was able to wear it comfortably. The layer itself is dry and not very wet, so if you wipe the sweat off your T-shirt or bike jersey with a towel, it feels dry and I think it will help prevent you from getting cold from sweat. I think it will be effective even when wearing it on the mountain.

Triathlon instructor Fumiya Hirata is a former track and field middle distance runner (800m) with a best time of 1 minute 54 seconds. After graduating from university, he started triathlons and mainly participated in the Ironman series. He currently teaches triathlons and provides training sessions for beginners at Ocean Navi Co., Ltd.

During vigorous trail running, you want to avoid chafing and sweat chills as much as possible. "DRY WEAVE" is always comfortable. It is light, soft, and yet dry. There is no need to worry about sweat chills. In fact, you won't feel cold. It is sweat-absorbent and quick-drying, making it cool and comfortable. In addition, antibacterial and deodorant processing means zero discomfort. Always comfortable. "DRY WEAVE" keeps athletes in the best condition. It is sure to become an indispensable item this spring and summer!!

Trail writer/producer Kenji Okuyama
Born in Tokyo in 1977. After working as an editor and journalist for a publishing company, he became a freelance writer. In order to make trail running more accessible to the public, he moved to Midori-ku, Sagamihara City (formerly Fujino-cho), and became a member of the management staff for nine annual events, including the Kitatanzawa 12-hour mountain endurance race. He is a member of the Kanagawa Prefecture Mountaineering Federation.

I wore it while trail running, and first of all, I was surprised at how light and comfortable it was. With conventional innerwear, I always felt pressure on my chest and back, but this one gently wraps around my whole body, which is very comfortable. There was no friction or stickiness from the T-shirt, and it felt refreshing and comfortable even after sweating. I think it's also suitable for use in the hot summer months.

Athlete Yuji Miura is a high school physics teacher in Sapporo and has participated in the Hawaii Ironman Triathlon, the Ski Orienteering World Championships, and the World Ski Championships. He is currently active in mountain ski races and trail runs in Hokkaido, and has won the Asian Cup Korea Mountain Ski Race seven times in a row. He is a member of Team MAMMUT Hokkaido. Following on from 2014, he placed third overall in the 80km division this year (8 hours 42 minutes 25 seconds).

I tried wearing it during a 30km night run and during daytime training. At night in Fukushima Prefecture, the temperature in the mountainous areas is still cold at 3°C, so wearing an inner layer has a warming effect. I didn't feel cold from sweat. In trail running races, there are temperature differences in the field conditions as the race unfolds, so I feel this is an essential item! The compression (tightness) is just right for me!

Mountain Flayer Takamichi Masafune
(Mafune Takamichi) Takamichi Mafune started challenging himself to run a full marathon in college. In his third year, he completed a full marathon in 2 hours and 26 minutes. While working as a university staff member, he actively participates in mountain sports activities that make use of Fukushima Prefecture's magnificent natural environment all year round, including trail running in spring, summer and fall, and cross-country skiing and snowshoeing in winter. He continues to promote mountain life as a "Mountain Player."

The performance of Dryweave really comes into its own once you start exercising. When you start to sweat a little and are ready to move, you can feel the garment following your movements. Even when you think, "I'm starting to get sweaty," it doesn't stick to you, and the more you move and catch the wind, the more it processes it and becomes more and more comfortable. It responds to your body's condition and removes the annoyances from the environment at that time, making it easier to concentrate on what's in front of you. I thought it was a piece of clothing that I could rely on in a variety of environments, regardless of whether it was hot or cold.

Nordic combined skier Watanabe Yoshito Nordic combined skier. Younger brother of Watanabe Akito, silver medalist in the normal hill event at the Sochi Olympics. Won the National Junior High School Nordic Combined Championship when he was in his first year of junior high school. Won the National High School Nordic Combined Championship in 2019. Has competed in the World Cup since 2021. In 2022, won the National High School Ski Championships, the National Athletic Meet (Boys' Division), and the All Japan Junior Ski Championships. Placed 8th at the 2011 World Cup in Austria, and 3rd at the 2013 World Cup in Norway. Specializes in jumps. Placed 15th in the normal hill event, 35th in the large hill event, and 5th in the large hill team event (Watanabe Akito, Nagai Hideaki, Watanabe Yoshito, Minato Yusuke) at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. Born in Nagano Prefecture.

In the summer, athletes compete wearing protective gear and long-sleeved clothing, and the heat increases fatigue and slows recovery. This product keeps you cool even in such harsh conditions, and its quick-drying properties prevent your warm body from getting too cold. Its smooth texture prevents stickiness and reduces stress.

MTB rider Naoki Idegawa
At the age of 16, he focused on downhill and won the All Japan Championship, a record that he still holds today as the youngest person to do so. In 2001, he joined the World Cup team Global Racing. After spending two years mainly overseas, he joined the team when HONDA RACING was launched and won the national championship for two consecutive years.

カラー black
サイズ S M / M L
素材 50% nylon / 45% polypropylene / 5% polyurethane
原産国 made in Japan


size S.M. ML
height 150-170 165-180
Chest 72-96 80-104
Waist 58-84 68-94
*Unisex size. Size is for reference only as it is stretchy.
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