Warp knitting

Zero Fit Warp Knitting

Our unique knitting technology allows us to knit the fibers into complex shapes and seamlessly integrate them into a single garment, rather than joining the fabric together, resulting in a seamless, functional design that is stress-free against the skin and in motion.
This technology is essential to satisfying the functions that athletes require from underwear. Zero Fit draws out the potential of the body and maximizes the energy that you possess.
The possibilities of underwear expand from here.

*Some products are not warp knitted.

Our unique knitting technology makes it all possible

The Zero Fit material is a knit that is knitted into an entire garment in three dimensions using an advanced knitting system.
A single thread allows for the creation of different tissues without interruption, and continuous changes in pressure allow for optimal positioning of tissues with different tensions.

It all starts with a single delicate thread

A single thread made of delicate micron-sized fibers twisted together.
This material has elasticity and large gaps in itself, allowing for free tension setting for zero fit, high heat retention in winter and high breathability in summer, and ultimately excellent temperature control.

Born in the lab and proven in the field

Zero Fit was created to provide optimal tension and breathability for different parts of the body, improving body balance, performance, and endurance. Using various data and theories, we created several prototypes. This design was the result of testing in a wide variety of fields.

Safety and comfort

Underwear for athletes needs to keep all aspects of conditioning in mind.
In addition to improving performance, it also takes into consideration skin problems, safety, and comfort.
Zero Fit has the world's highest level of antibacterial and deodorant performance, as well as UV protection.