Features of ZEROFIT
Improve your performance with skin sensation
Natural and comfortable to wear
Keeps skin dry
Optimal support for each part

The tension can be freely adjusted for each part of the body. It is designed to stabilize joints and smooth muscle movement. The compression is highest in the parts farthest from the heart, and the compression is gentler as you get closer to the heart, promoting blood circulation. This so-called graduated compression can be achieved very naturally and smoothly.

In addition, by minimizing the number of seams found in typical functional underwear, the seams do not touch the skin, and you will hardly feel any tightness or tightness even when you sweat.

All season body temperature control
Zero Fit comfort is perfect for any season. Its unique warp knit construction optimizes body temperature all year round.


Spring is the season when UV rays are strongest. UV rays damage skin tissue, drain physical strength and moisture, and weaken the immune system. The effects of sunscreen creams are short-lived and only temporary. Zero Fit is certified UPF50+, and simply wearing it blocks out UV rays and prevents physical decline.


Zero Fit's high cooling function is effective in sports in harsh summer environments. Zero Fit quickly diffuses sweat and releases it along with heat, preventing body temperature from rising and reducing sweating. It makes it easy to control moisture, which is important for preventing heatstroke, and allows you to play cool and comfortably. *We also have a model with a wide mesh designed specifically for summer use.


In autumn, the temperature difference between daytime and morning and evening is large, so if you do not properly manage your sweat, the sweat cooled by the outside air will cool your body, causing "sweat chills." Zero Fit's unique uneven fabric makes point contact with the skin, quickly absorbing and diffusing sweat. In addition, the high stretchability allows it to fit the skin, preventing "sweat chills" and keeping your body temperature constant. *We also have a brushed-back model specifically designed for autumn and winter.


Zero Fit's knit structure has a large height difference due to the thick warp threads and thin weft threads, which creates many death air zones (air layers). Because air has a low thermal conductivity, the death air zones that are formed act as insulation and allow body heat to be retained. However, because the death air zones are destroyed by wind, it is necessary to wear a windproof outer layer that does not let wind through.