premium glove

Superior feel and grip performance

Using the highest quality sheepskin leather,
Incredibly soft and supple to wear, perfect grip.
Guaranteed the best golf performance ever.


Superb feel

Uses the world's finest Ethiopian sheep. Ethiopia has a unique climate with a large temperature difference between day and night. "Premium Fit" uses the world's finest Ethiopian sheep, which has a softness like silk and a fit that sticks to your hands.

Best grip and dry feeling

A unique tanning method keeps the leather soft and supple for a long time. The dry and non-slip finish keeps the shoe from getting sticky even when you sweat, providing excellent grip in any condition. By using a fabric with a brushed surface, it exhibits excellent grip not only in dry conditions but also in wet conditions.

Safe even in rainy weather

Adopted water repellent treatment using natural materials. You can use it with confidence even in rainy weather, which is a source of worry when using leather gloves.

as a present

Comes in a luxury cosmetic box, making it ideal as a gift.


Demonstrates the best grip in any condition.
I make waterproofing on sheepskin of the highest quality,
Functional and comfortable to wear even in rainy weather.

one size glove


Left and right: Left hand Color: White Size: 21~26cm *Price in increments of 1cm: 4620 yen (tax included)