01 Features

New cooling print technology

We use "COOL STAMP TECH", a new cooling print born from our unique ideas and technology. It is a hybrid technology of "memory cooling effect" that uses stimulation to make the brain remember, and "water absorption cooling" that absorbs heat in response to moisture.

When the cooling print absorbs moisture (sweat), its heat-absorbing properties lower the temperature of the fabric, providing a cool feeling. The cool feeling is further boosted by exposure to wind. You can feel an amazing cooling effect.

Cool Stamp Tech makes you cool down.

02 Features

Triple cooling sensation for lasting ice cold sensation

The "cool to the touch fabric" provides a cool sensation the moment it touches your skin, the "cool print" boosts the coolness with sweat, moisture, and wind, and the mesh structure on the back provides a "drying effect," providing a triple cooling sensation that lasts all over your body.

Triple cool touch fabric is long lasting.

03 Features

Cool touch value (Q-MAX value) 20% increase

Compared to our other products, the "Q-MAX value"* of the cooling sensation is 20% higher. You can expect a high cooling effect. In the cooling sensation test "Q-MAX", the result was 0.397, which is significantly higher than the standard value of 0.20.

Up 20% compared to our other product.

*Researched by Kaken Test Center, a general incorporated foundation.
*What is the "Q-MAX value"? The sensation of coldness or heat felt when touching something is expressed as a Q-MAX value. The higher the value, the colder it feels. A value of 0.2 or higher is usually considered to have a Q-MAX value.
*These are white values.

04 Features

Changes in body temperature after wearing Ice Skin

By wearing the ice skin and sweating, your body temperature will drop, providing a cooling effect.

The effectiveness of this product may vary depending on the actual environment during use, and we cannot guarantee its effectiveness.

Other Features
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