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Getty images photographer talks. British Open and ZEROFIT

The British Open, held in July 2021, returned to Royal St. George's for the first time in 2011. We spoke with Getty Images photographer Ross Kinnaird.

Ross: "The first British Open I filmed was in 1993, when Greg Norman won the Royal St. George. I've shot over 25 tournaments now."

Ross: "After 25 years at Getty, I was very fortunate to spend time with EMPICS prior to my career. I think it would have been nice to have ZEROFIT in!"

Ross: “This job requires you to spend a lot of time in almost the same place. It's wonderful because the core of the body doesn't get cold as much as it does."


Ross has traveled around the world to film four Olympic Games. He has also shot five World Cup soccer games, a Rugby World Cup, the Lions Tour of Great Britain and Ireland, and countless golf championships.


Ross : “I was filming a championship soccer match in February and it was below freezing. I think they do, but when I'm at work, there are often sudden changes in the weather, but with the Heatlab on, I never felt so cold."

Ross: "One of the coldest British Open Championships I've ever filmed is the 2011 Sandwich won by Darren Clarke. It's probably the wettest and wettest I've ever filmed on a golf course." It must have been cold, and as is often the case with the Open, it's not all cold days, but cold days can be hellish cold."

Ross : "Also, the coldest and most popular was the Johnnie Walker Classic in Beijing, won by Adam Scott in 2005. It was so cold that players hid in the starter's hut and asked the players to hit the first tee shot. i remember i only went out to shoot when i got there it was the coldest i've ever been in. actually some players came into the shed it was too cold to hold a club I guess.”


What's it like wearing HEATRUB?

Ross : "HEATRUB is really worth it when there's a lot of wind. When it's freezing cold and there's not much wind, it's tolerable to some extent. When the temperature drops below -4°C, you have to take action, and Heatlab became very important to me at that time.”

Ross : "When I filmed a football match for two hours, my joints and my whole body felt steadily numb and cold. Then I got in the car and went home and went to bed, especially my legs. felt cold.HEATRUB tights completely changed that experience."

Are there any players that left an impression on you?

Ross : "The job has allowed me to get to know different personalities on each tour and build relationships with some of the players. I want Tyrrell Hutton to win the Open. Despite his fiery persona he is one of the nicest.He has always been very polite to us and is a great young man and a great golfer.Tommy Fleetwood,Rory McIlroy,Rickie Fowler I don't know you, but I'd love to talk to you, but Tyrrell is my favourite, and he'll be an OPEN winner!"


What do you do outside of golf?

Ross : "Recently we shot some cricket. It was amazing. I love my job. My wife is happy because I am out of the house all day. (laughs) What I love about this job is that I get to see all sports, Euro sports, and the South African Lions (International Rugby Tour) up close as a fan. I can't wait to go shoot and Heatlab will make the fall/winter and beyond a much warmer experience than ever before."