Zero Fit Socks Medium (old type)
Zero Fit Socks Medium (old type)
Zero Fit Socks Medium (old type)
Zero Fit Socks Medium (old type)
Zero Fit Socks Medium (old type)
Zero Fit Socks Medium (old type)



Zero Fit Socks Medium (old type)

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Zero Fit Socks

The Zero Fit brand began with these socks.
This is support gear with many functions from the toes to the smallest details.
Its performance during golf play has been proven on the tour.
It is recommended for sports, as well as work that requires long periods of standing and tasks that put strain on the feet.

Unisex (cm) S M L

22-24 25 - 27 27 - 29
  • material : Cotton Acrylic Polyester Polyurethane Other
  • made in Japan
  • All yarn, dyeing, knitting, and sewing are done in Japan.

Mesh / Air Ventilation

Mesh is partially placed to ensure ventilation. It also allows for natural bending and stretching. In addition, the unique grooved uneven structure (air ventilation) creates air circulation inside the shoe, reducing stuffiness and keeping you fresh. It also has a massage effect, helping to reduce fatigue.

Shock absorbing pad

The highly elastic cushioning structure holds the heel, reducing the strain on your legs and helping you maintain an ideal posture for sports.

Left and right search support

It tightens the arch of the foot (strong pressure on the inside) and prevents muscle relaxation that causes fatigue. Separate design for left and right. *There are "L" and "R" markings on the opening.

Graduated compression

Graduated compression design from the ankle to the calf prevents the accumulation of lactic acid and reduces fatigue after exercise.

Antibacterial and deodorant "Polygiene®"

Polygiene® was born in Sweden. In fact, the cause of odor is not sweat itself, but bacteria that grows on sweat-containing fabrics. Polygiene? thoroughly suppresses this occurrence with its unique technology that utilizes silver ions. It is characterized by its excellent antibacterial and deodorizing properties, with its effect lasting even after washing.

Made in Hyogo

Hyogo Prefecture socks, centered around Kakogawa, have a history of over 100 years. After the period of high economic growth, production volume dropped dramatically due to competition from overseas-made socks. However, in the field of socks, where strict requirements are placed on the material, comfort, and durability that are inherent to socks, socks made in Hyogo Prefecture are recognized worldwide for their high quality. The skilled handwork of artisans supports Zerofit's functional socks.

Which sports socks are right for you?

カラー Black/Grey/White
サイズ S / M / L
素材 Cotton / Acrylic / Polyester / Polyurethane / Others
原産国 made in Japan


Size/cm S(22-24) M(25-27) L(27-29)
*Unisex size. Size is for reference only as it is stretchy.
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