Thermoweave mock neck
Thermoweave mock neck
Thermoweave mock neck
Thermoweave mock neck
Thermoweave mock neck
Thermoweave mock neck
Thermoweave mock neck
Thermoweave mock neck
Thermoweave mock neck
Thermoweave mock neck
Thermoweave mock neck


Thermoweave mock neck

Sale price¥9,240
SKU: 4540036810649
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Keep your fighting body warm

The skin side is made of a unique polypropylene brushed structure. Zero Fit's unique warp knit structure also fits snugly against the body, absorbing sweat without interrupting the capillary action. It prevents sweat from cooling down. The sleeves and body are seamlessly integrated, making it easier to move and warmer.

Unisex (cm) S.M. ML XL
height 150-170 165-180 170-190
Chest 72-96 80-104 90-120
West 58-84 68-94 81-107
  • Material: 77% nylon, 18% polypropylene, 5% polyurethane
  • made in Japan
  • Size is for reference only, as it is stretchy. Unisex.

Unique brushed structure

Uses a new technology that brushes Thermoweave's unique polypropylene onto the skin surface.
It forms an insulating layer of air, effectively retaining body heat.

Keeps skin dry

If sweat is not properly managed or if cold air penetrates into the gaps between the body and clothing, the sweat will cool rapidly and take away body heat.
The thermal conductivity of water is about 25 times that of air. When wet, it cools 25 times faster than when dry. Thermoweave stretches up to 500%, so it stays in contact with the skin without gaps no matter how much you move. The capillary action continues to send sweat out of the garment without interruption, keeping you dry. It efficiently prevents sweat from cooling down.

Warm, not cold

It is said that the human body normally consumes about 80% of its energy to maintain body temperature, and when the body is cooled, energy consumption increases even more. Zero Fit is a warp knit fabric with a large height difference structure made by twisting together fine fibers. Many air layers (death air zones) are formed between the fibers and in the large uneven structure to retain heat. This reduces unnecessary energy consumption.

UV protection UPF50+

UV rays cause skin troubles, weaken the immune system, and even make you feel tired. When choosing underwear to protect against UV rays, you need to take into consideration all aspects of your condition. Zero Fit meets the highest UV protection standard of UPF50+.

Antibacterial and deodorant "Polygiene"

Polygiene? was born in Sweden. In fact, the cause of odor is not sweat itself, but bacteria that grows on sweat-containing fabrics. Polygiene? thoroughly suppresses this occurrence with its unique technology that utilizes silver ions. It is characterized by its long-lasting effect even after washing, and has excellent antibacterial and deodorizing properties.

Reviews from athletes who wear them

There is no other innerwear that is so stretchy and snug. It fits really snugly, but is soft and very comfortable to wear. I like that it doesn't restrict my movement, even when I'm doing big body movements like serving. The fit is even better than the previous model, so it has become an essential piece for cold days.

Professional tennis player Gengo Kikuchi
A 183cm tall, 8-head-tall professional tennis player. During his high school years, he achieved many accomplishments, including winning the All Japan Junior Doubles Championship, and turned professional in 2010. In 2015, he was the runner-up in the Futures Tournament. He continues to hone his serve and forehand, which he is good at, and continues to play well.

The first thing I noticed when I put them on was that they had excellent heat retention. They fit snugly against the body, but because they are highly stretchable, I could swing my arms around them comfortably and without any stress. When you run for a long time, the skin can get dry at this time of year and rub against your clothing, but because they are seamless (such as at the seams under the arms), I didn't notice any chafing. The thumb holes are convenient when it's not cold enough to wear gloves. When it gets hot, you can take your thumbs out and pull the sleeves up to your wrists like normal sleeves, and because they are stretchy, they don't get in the way.

Triathlon instructor Fumiya Hirata
After graduating from university, he started triathlons and mainly participated in the Ironman series. He currently teaches triathlons and provides practice sessions for beginners at Ocean Navi Co., Ltd.

Until now, I have mainly used the 500 series in the winter, but this is even softer and fits my body better than the 500 series, has the same warmth, is very comfortable to wear, and is easy to move in. Since my position requires a lot of movement, this comfort and ease of movement are very useful. I think it is very good for sailors who do inshore races (races within the bay).

Professional Sailor Tetsuya Sasagi
He started sailing in college, and after joining a corporate yacht club, he began sailing professionally. He currently competes in races both domestically and internationally, and has won numerous competitions.

During winter training, it is difficult to warm up the body, so careful warm-up exercises are necessary, but once the body has warmed up, sweat can cool it down too much. When I first wore this garment as an inner layer, I was surprised at how it used body heat to keep the body warm. Even when I sweated, it dried quickly and kept me dry, so I didn't get too cold. It was also comfortable to wear, and the feeling of it lightly tightening my body protected my muscles from vibration and reduced fatigue.

MTB rider Naoki Idegawa
At the age of 12, he participated in his first cross-country race, and then competed in both cross-country and downhill races until he was 15. At the age of 16, he focused on downhill and won the All Japan Championships. He still holds the record as the youngest person to do so. Since 2001, he has been a member of the World Cup team Global Racing. He joined the team when HONDA RACING was launched, and won the national championship two years in a row.

"Warp knitting"

The unique warp knit structure exceeds the limits of functional undergarments.
Instead of stitching together pieces of fabric, the garment is seamlessly integrated into one piece.
Functional design that is stress-free on the skin and in movement.
With elasticity of up to 500%,
It fits perfectly no matter how much you move.

Optimal support for each part

The biggest feature of warp knitting is that different knitting structures can be seamlessly integrated. The chest area has a high elasticity, reducing the feeling of pressure that is typical of compression wear. In addition, the shoulder area has a high elasticity, allowing for smooth arm movement.

Body temperature control

The unique warp knit structure optimally regulates body temperature in all seasons. In summer, it quickly evaporates sweat and is breathable, while in winter, it prevents sweat from cooling down and creates an insulating layer of air to prevent body temperature from dropping.

Keeps skin dry

With up to 500% elasticity, it fits your body without stress, no matter how you move. The capillary action is not interrupted and sweat is continuously sent out of the garment, keeping you dry. Even if you sweat, you won't feel sticky or tight.

カラー Black Grey
サイズ S M / M L / XL
素材 77% nylon / 18% polypropylene / 5% polyurethane
原産国 made in Japan


size S.M. ML XL
height 150-170 165-180 170-190
Chest 72-96 80-104 90-120
Waist 58-84 68-94 81-107
Unisex. Size is for reference only as it is stretchy.
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