ZEROFITアスリートのGlenn Irwinがアイリッシュ・モーターサイクリスト・オブ・ザ・イヤーに選ばれました!

ZEROFIT athlete Glenn Irwin has been named Irish Motorcyclist of the Year!

ZEROFIT athlete Glenn Irwin has been named Irish Motorcyclist of the Year after a fantastic season which saw him finish runner-up in the British Superbike Championship!

Irwin Named Irish Motorcyclist of the Year

33-year-old Glenn Irwin won the Joey Dunlop Trophy for the second year in a row and also won the Best Short Circuit on UK Circuits prize.

He was officially announced as a ZEROFIT athlete on November 1st, 2023 and will be training and racing in their award winning products Heat Lab, Heat Lab Move, Ice Weave and Cold Skin.

He has won 10 races in his 2023 BSB campaign, as well as winning both North West 200 Superbike events.

Commenting on the results, Michael Morton, MD of ZEROFIT said:

“We are delighted to congratulate Glenn on receiving the Irish Motorcyclist of the Year award for his success in 2023. He has had a fantastic season and truly deserves the award.
We're excited to see him back in action this year and hope to see even better results at BSB 2024, starting in Spain!"

ZEROFIT has product and sponsorship relationships with Glenn Irwin as well as young riders such as Sam Laffins (three-time Pirelli National Junior Superstock Championship winner in 2023) and Peter Willis, one of the most promising prospects racing in the British Talent Cup.

While ZEROFIT base layers power competitive athletes on race tracks around the world, they are also favored by motorcyclists who ride their bikes every day for work, commuting, leisure, and more, especially with Heatlab (which provides 5 times more warmth than a regular base layer).

We will continue to improve and develop our products so that we can provide base layers that maximize performance.