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ZEROFIT's HEATRUB and HEATRUB Move were introduced in LIVE FOR THE OUTDOORS, a popular UK web magazine.

Entitled —Buying guide: winter base layers and mid layers—, this article explores the importance of winter base and mid layers.

The base layer is worn next to the skin, so it is the most important part of the clothing system.
For maximum warmth and wicking, it needs to fit close to the body, and stretch is also important.
Therefore, we received approval that HEATLAB is excellent in removing perspiration and is extremely powerful as a base layer.

The ideal midlayer (located between the base layer and the shell) should be soft, lightweight, breathable and warm, and the Heat Love Move hoodie is recommended here. increase.

Baselayers and midlayers work together to regulate temperature and wick moisture, and using them correctly is fundamental to keeping you warm and comfortable during winter activities.
When used correctly, it can keep you comfortable in regulating your body temperature and wick sweat away from your body.

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Buying guide: winter base layers and mid layers–by CHRIS WILLIAMS