Sweat absorbing pad Aceste 1 pack (4 pieces)
Sweat absorbing pad Aceste 1 pack (4 pieces)
Sweat absorbing pad Aceste 1 pack (4 pieces)
Sweat absorbing pad Aceste 1 pack (4 pieces)
Sweat absorbing pad Aceste 1 pack (4 pieces)
Sweat absorbing pad Aceste 1 pack (4 pieces)



Sweat absorbing pad Aceste 1 pack (4 pieces)

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Absorbs sweat well. disposable sweat pads

A disposable sweat-absorbing pad that absorbs sweat from your forehead simply by attaching it to your hat, sun visor, or helmet. Amazing sweat absorption using high-molecular absorption polymer eliminates discomfort such as "sweat on the forehead getting in your eyes and sweat falling on your glasses". Just attach it to your hat, sun visor, helmet, bandana, etc.! If you are concerned about stains on your clothes due to sweat or foundation, please try it once. Disposable and very clean.

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free size
  • Size: Width 35mm x Length 235mm Thickness 1mm With adhesive tape on the back
  • Material: antibacterial macromolecular absorption polymer
  • made in Japan

For sports, leisure and outside work.

Keeps out flowing sweat, worrisome sweat stains, and foundation stains

Just stick it on the inside of your hat, sun visor, or helmet to keep your face from sweating. It can also be used on the underarms and lower back where sweat stains are a concern. In addition, because it has high moisture retention, it can be soaked in cold water and applied to the collar to cool down in the heat.

I recommend this hotel

  • Those who are concerned about sweat dripping from their forehead when wearing a hat.
  • People who sweat more than others
  • Those who work or do housework in a hot place
  • Those who easily lose their foundation due to sweat
  • Those who are concerned about dirt on the inside of the hat or sun visor

Usage example

  • For hats and necks during sports.
  • Great for outdoors, climbing hats, necks, armpits and waist.
  • gardening and housework
  • For helmets and around the neck when working in hot weather.
  • For removing moisture from wet shoes
  • On window glass with condensation or water droplets

amazing water absorption

5 times more absorbent than a towel!

Because it uses a high-molecular water-absorbing polymer with excellent water absorption and water retention, it quickly absorbs sweat and does not escape once absorbed. Prevents sweat stains on hats and clothes, and stains caused by foundation.

skin friendly

In pursuit of skin contact, no binder non-woven fabric is used. It is very soft and soft to the touch.

タイプ Disposable sweat pads
カラー white
サイズ Width 35mm / Length 235mm / Thickness 1mm / Adhesive tape on the back
素材 Antibacterial high molecular weight absorbent polymer
原産国 made in Japan
洗濯 disposable
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