ice weave

Functional base layers made for sports

Sweat chills: the enemy of performance

Sweat helps cool the body down, but if left untreated for long periods of time it can sap your strength and energy, affecting your sports performance.
Furthermore, sweat can remain inside the body and make the clothing heavy, and the clothing can stick to the skin, restricting your range of motion and making it harder to move than usual.
That's why it's so important to keep sweat away from the skin and allow it to dissipate efficiently.

Relief from discomfort caused by sweat

For athletes, the efficiency of body temperature regulation is not simply a matter of comfort, but is a fundamental issue of how well they can concentrate their energy on their performance.
IceWeave protects athletes from the performance-degrading problems caused by sweat.

Four Features

Warp knit mesh manufacturing method

ZEROFIT's unique technology

Keeps you dry and comfortable

The unique warp-knitted mesh structure adheres closely to the skin and quickly absorbs and disperses sweat. This excellent sweat-wicking function keeps the skin dry without leaving unpleasant sweat on the body. It maintains comfort even when worn for long periods of time, providing a comfortable fit in any environment.

All season body temperature control

With optimal tension and breathability for each part of the body, it properly regulates body temperature regardless of the season. In summer, it quickly dissipates sweat and increases breathability, and in winter, it prevents sweat from cooling down and prevents body temperature from dropping with an insulating layer of air. This helps improve body balance, performance, and endurance.

Optimal support for each part of the body

The tension is adjusted for each part of the body, stabilizing joints and smoothing muscle movement. The highest pressure is applied to the parts farthest from the heart, and the pressure is gradually reduced as the body approaches the heart. The seams are kept to a minimum, so you won't feel any tightness or tightness even when you sweat, and it's comfortable to wear.

So comfortable you'll forget you're wearing it

The seamless warp knitted construction of the body part has a stretch rate of up to 400-500%, eliminating any tightness and allowing for stress-free fitting to various body movements. It maintains a natural and comfortable state that makes you forget you are wearing it, helping you concentrate on your sport. It demonstrates performance that exceeds the stretch rate of 150-200% of general high-performance underwear.