About us


Aeon Sports began operations as a golf club manufacturer in 1990, and established itself as a manufacturer of "flying clubs" by adopting a titanium face, which was rare at the time. Since the beginning of operations, the concept has been "manufacturing with particular attention to detail," where we only make products that we really want to use, rather than aiming for mass production.
Representative series of golf clubs include “GIGA”, which has a reputation mainly for advanced golfers, and “GINNICO”, ​​a new golf club brand.

We will continue to create and offer high quality products and services for our customers worldwide.

- Koji Higashi CEO of EONSPORTS


Based on the concept of "tradition and innovation," the shape of the head and other parts that give golfers a sense of comfort are traditional. The latest technology and innovative ideas are used in invisible parts. Many golfers have embraced the shape, which allows them to imagine the ideal trajectory at address, and the technology that boasts high-precision manufacturing technology using cutting-edge materials. The photo is the final model HS797Addtional.


GINNICO – Giniko. Inheriting the spirit of GIGA, while paying respect to the culture of street fashion, mode, punk, and other cultures that continue to create exciting and cool things without fear of change, it was born with the concept of “getting excited” just by owning it. A golf club for adults to break out of their shell and enjoy change.