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The best athletes will always choose the best undergarment.
  • Sasaki Akira
    Sasaki Akira

    Skiing is a challenging sport because you have to fight the elements of cold weather, snow on the mountain and time.

    ZEROFIT allows me to have the freedom of movement, not feel the cold 20 degrees below 0 and the cold sweat on the material sticking to my body.

    I have tried many different undergarments but ZEROFIT is definitely the best.

  • Arima Hayato
    Arima Hayato

    Power, stamina and speed are the needs for my sport and I feel that I get help from ZEROFIT to produce the power, stamina and speed.

    Because of the pressure applied to the various parts of the body by ZEROFIT I feel support to move easily.

    The elasticity ables me to move smoothly without any stress felt in my muscles and joints.

    I wear ZEROFIT when I am training and I sweat a lot but there is no odor and feel safe that the bacteria is prevented from entering my body to cause any infections.

    Even when I am injured having ZEROFIT on makes me feel confident to perform.

  • Mori Yuki
    Mori Yuki

    The sport Ultimate demands cool judgment and strong movements.

    ZEROFIT puts the pressure on the muscles and with elasticity in the chest area it allows me to move freely, breath easily and perform well.

    A nice feature of ZEROFIT is it makes the body feel cool in the summer and warm in the winter, plus no odor is great for women.

  • Ito Hidekazu
    Ito Hidekazu

    Free climbing uses muscles from the whole body but mostly the shoulder and back. Compared to other undergarments, ZEROFIT gives the support needed in the shoulder and back and allows freer movement so I believe ZEROFIT is the best undergarment.

    I was very surprised I didn't feel any sweat wearing ZEROFIT.

  • Sasaki Tetsuya
    Sasaki Tetsuya

    Sailing demands stamina and power to control the sail's and body temperature adjustment due to drastic change in climate.

    The pressure put on the muscles by ZEROFIT helps the movements with less stress on the muscles.

    ZEROFIT stays very tight to the body and removes the sweat which makes it very comfortable wearing ZEROFIT.

    The antibacterial material is very good for me having to be on the sail boat for such a long time.

  • Ishioka Bin
    Ishioka Bin

    The ZEROFIT tights helps the knees to have power skating on the ice.

    It controls the fatigue, pain of the hip joint and knee.

    It would have been nice if ZEROFIT was available much earlier.

    Ice Hockey players put on lots of equipment and as a result sweat quite a lot which causes odor.

    Wearing ZEROFIT helps to stop the odor.