ZEROFIT is comfortable in all seasons.

ZEROFIT can control the body temperature regardless of the seasons.
By controlling body temperature energy is not being wasted.
Helps to reach the potential for best performance.

The space created by the point of contact of the material to the skin creates breathing space which makes the body feel fresh in the summer.
The knitted fiber is spaced so that the sweat is allowed to be pulled away from the skin and evaporate quickly.

ZEROFIT fabric is wool nylon, which is a bumpy type of material that allows the material to breathe and allows the outside air to cool the body in the summer.

It doesn't matter what the season is ZEROFIT helps to control body temperature in any environment.

You get the no wet feeling even though sweat is coming out of the body and you don't feel the stickiness of the material to the body.

Furthermore, with high elasticity and compression ZEROFIT accelerates sweat evaporation (to) cools the body.

In the picture A the one wearing the ZEROFIT shows the body temperature going down and the one wearing the T-Shirt the temperature is going up.

The big air zone (Stratum) keeps the warmness in the winter.
The material fits tightly to the skin separating the sweat from the body so the sweat does not cool on the body.

In the winter as shown in the picture A and B wearing ZEROFIT helps keep the body warm whereas the other brands do not.