The sweat creates a bacteria that creates the smell.

PolygieneBecause the whole body sweats bacteria is covering the whole body.
To prevent smell we have to control the bacteria which helps keep the body in good condition.

The human body of a male has two million sixty thousand sweat glands which produces 7 liters of sweat per day or 1 liter to 1.5 liters per hour. Nearly 80% of the glands are called Ekurin of which 99% is water that controls the body heat.

There is no smell in the sweat alone the odor comes from the Apokurin which has protein, fat, glucose, oils many more ingredients to create a bacteria. It is important that the bacteria is controlled to prevent smelling.

Back in ancient Europe silver was used in making cups for drinking because it served as a protective from bacteria even though it was not an antibacterial.

A company in Sweden called Perstop developed an environmental friendly substance using silver to control bacteria.

Even though Polygiene is not an antibacterial it is an accepted eco-friendly substance in the medical services and has more effect, vitality and safety.

After washing the material 100 times it did not lose its effectiveness and was able to keep 99.9% of the bacteria out.

ZEROFIT passed the IMSL test of Bacteria Test Institution which is the number one research Institute in the United Kingdom.

The test showed bacteria being controlled by the Oeko-Tex, Bluesign and Health Care Standard.

It can be safe to say that ZEROFIT is an undergarment that will protect the skin from bacteria and infections.

Washing resistance test results[Japan dyer's inspection institute foundation]
  Without Polygiene Before washing After washing 25 times After washing 50 times After washing 75 times After washing 100 times
After inoculation 4.51 4.46 4.30 4.33 4.44 4.49
18 hour later 6.97 below 1.30 below 1.30 below 1.30 below 1.30 below 1.30
  • Without Polygiene
  • With Polygiene