Seamless 400% maximum elasticity in tension opens up
possibilities for underwear.

PolygieneZEROFIT is made of knit which has 400% maximum elasticity in tension.
ZEROFIT has more than what athletes expect from undergarment such as control of body temperature, blood circulation and comfortness.

Natural comfortness when wearing.

ZEROFIT is knitted on seamless with an elasticity of 400%.

The elasticity for the joints is 160% which allows the individual to have free movement with any discomfort and being seamless you don't feel any irritation.

ZEROFIT Power Tights (Bottom)

BottomThe ZEROFIT tights applies pressure to the thighs and helps control the excess vibration of muscles to save energy.

The diagonal elasticity placed high on the thighs allows you to run and walk smoothly.

ZEROFIT Underwear (Top)

TopThe high elastic line placed at the Y in the back allows for freer movement and helps the shoulder posture.

It supports the abdomen to have better posture. The chest area has the highest flexibility to allow normal breathing.

The area of the shoulder blade to the upside of the back produces a lot of sweat during exercising so ZEROFIT has that area done in a mesh to allow natural movement and ventilation.

ZEROFIT absorbs the sweat quickly which allows you to concentrate without the unpleasant feeling of wetness from the sweat.

Moderate pressure will reduce fatigue by increasing the pump operation of muscles and ZEROFIT will shut out the UV rays because of the UPF50+.