Reasons why it is a better under wear.

Action Support and Energy

To increase and perform at the highest level.
Reasons why you can attain the highest level of performance.
Action Support and Energy

Biomechanics has been studied for many decades to find ways to improve conditioning, training, and skills.

ZEROFIT has used the results of these studies to develop its undergarment to help performance.

Overuse of muscle, which causes excess muscle vibration, causes fatigue which relates to poor performance and loss of energy.

ZEROFIT with its tight fitness controls the vibration, helps the blood circulation while removing the Lactic Acid inside the body to help from getting tired. It is the location of the pressure applied to the body and less pressure to the area close to the heart that allows the body to perform at such a high level by wearing ZEROFIT. The special material, design and technique are what make ZEROFIT a unique and functional undergarment.